What About Hashtags? | Cynthia Markets for Today

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Most people who use Twitter have trouble understanding the value of hashtags. Hashtags are topics with a hash symbol (#) at the start to identitfy it. One of the most popular examples of a hashtag is follow Friday or #FF.

Hashtags are a way for Twitter users to identitfy themselves;  you can attach a certain hashtag to your post and it becomes easier for others to find the topic in the search.

1. Identifying hashtags~I have found 2 great tools that can help you sort out the meaning of hashtags.  The first is Twubs, which helps you understand each hashtag as well as import pictures to help highlight the topics being discussed.

2. Tracking hashtags~Wondering what’s going on right now? There are tools to track hashtags in real-time and they are Monitter and Twitterfall. My personal favorite is Hashtags.org.

3. Using hashtags~There are some unwritten rules to hashtags. The first and most important one is don’t over do it! If you put a hashtag on every tweet, you are defeating the real purpose of making them important and unique and others will notice immediately. The second tip is to make your hashtag tweet have meaning. Either explain in one of your tweets or make it obvious what you’re talking about.  Finally, if you want to create a hashtag, be sure it’s valuable to your followers. Conferences, major events, and seminars are great examples to start with.

So now that you know the basics, if you want to learn more, go to Twitter Fan Wiki to learn more on this powerful tool for Twitter. Have fun and let me know how it goes when you try it!

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