Social Media Meets the Real Estate Agent | Cynthia Markets for Today

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In my networking travels, I have been noticing that more and more Real Estate Agents are inquiring about social media and it can do for their business. We all know that social media is here to stay, but how does it apply to the real estate market specifically?

What I tell the agents is this:  The opportunities that you have within this industry are exciting. Let’s think about it. Remember when you were shopping for a house 10 years ago you waiting for the Sunday paper to see what was available? Those days are gone. Now, with social media at our fingertips, you know when a house hits the market practically the second it goes up for sale. Talk about time sensitivity! Our online resources now allow us to have instant access to the housing inventory with photos and video! Do we realize how powerful that is? Being able to review this information in the privacy of your own home is incredible. Prospective buyers can immediately get excited when they locate the house of their dreams and within seconds, email their agent and schedule a showing.

Furthermore, the education that the real estate agent can provide for the client along the way builds trust and loyalty that will drive home the sale. After all, most of us have a particular real estate agent that we have dealt with over the years and refer to others. Since the real building blocks of selling a home are trust and integrity with your agent, social media is the perfect tool to keep develop and nurture that relationship.

From connecting with buyers and sellers to networking with industry peers and lending expert advice, there are many ways to utilize social media as a real estate professional. What are your tips for using social media in the real estate industry?

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