Insurance & Social Media Meet | Cynthia Markets for Today

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It’s finally happening! More and more companies are including social media policies in their automated lead generation real estate. Namely, insurance companies. As I look around, I have begun to notice that some independent insurance agencies are diving into the social media arena and loving it. They are very successful in strengthening relationships with their policyholders in addition to acquiring new ones.

I read from Alltop that State Farm Insurance has finally agreed to include some social media platforms. While I was excited to hear this, I was also disappointed that the article did not mention using a blog in their new strategy. I wonder if they realize how powerful a blog could be in the insurance world?  Blogs can be a great tool to educate their policyholders and develop a resource for their questions. Why aren’t they using it? The dialog that would openup if they used blogs would be amazing!

Hopefully, using the social media platforms they mentioned will provide them with the proof they need to finally open ALL the doors to social media.

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