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While having coffee together, a friend of mine, Yvor Fernandez, mentioned that lots of blogs are converting over to WordPress, an independently-hosted WordPress installation. So, what’s so great about WordPress? Why bother converting over from the blog you already have? Here is list of why WordPress has the edge, and why personally, I love it!

1. WordPress can run an entire website.
With WordPress, you can set up your blog AND your website. You can set up pages that can be changed and updated quickly and easily, without the user needing to know any sort of programming. With thousands of plug-ins available, you can use WordPress to create anything from an e-commerce storefront to a business homepage, and it’ll never be a hassle to update.

2. Update your design as often as you want.

There are thousands of free templates available for you to try. There are customizable features, so you can add whatever special features you’d like. There are also many plugins to add and explore, which makes it easy to measure your success and track your visitors.

3. WordPress is simple, yet advanced.
It’s easy to set up, but you can get as technical as you’d like. You can even change the code within your template or write a template completely from scratch!

Now that you know why WordPress is great choice for your blog, what are you waiting for? Get started with WordPress today!

Using something other than WordPress? Tell me what you’re using and if this convinced you to switch!

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