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Last week, my computer was running slowly and I was having trouble with my Outlook. Immediately, I emailed my computer software support company, Fast-teks, and explained my problem. Within hours, they responded with an email telling me that one of the technicians would be in touch with me by the end of the day to schedule a remote checkup […]

Being a big fan of customer service, I just love how social media relates to it. Finally there is a way to connect to your customers in real time which is really beneficial to your business. What a great way to hear your customers and have the opportunity to address issues immediately. The only […]

It’s here to stay.   And automated lead generation, I love it!  Social networking has benefits that I never thought I’d have.  What’s so great about it?  Being connected to my clients is important.  Customer service is something I take pride in.  Social networking is the vehicle I need to provide it.  In this NY Times Article I found, […]

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