Business Cards – Are you Getting the Most Out of Them? | Cynthia Markets for Today

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Business Cards. We all have them. Of course we give them out at networking events, when we meet a new prospect or client, or at trade shows. Besides that, what do you do with yours?

Something that I do with mine I think you will really benefit from. Whenever I give out my business card, when I return home, I immediately enter them into my email address book, and send them an email.

The reason I do this is so I connect with that person and if we can help each other, invite them out for coffee. If nothing else, it will create a great follow up connection with that person and open the door even farther on down the road. You never know where it will lead.

Finally, if you really feel like you have established a good repor with that person, why not invite them to your LinkedIn network?

As business owners, we need to take automate lead generation real estate we have to grow our business and increase our visibility. That includes meeting people on and off line! Social networking is the new way to drive traffic to your business, so why not capitalize on it every chance you get?

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