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Frequently, I have clients that know they need social media, but are completely overwhelmed by the entire concept. They have mixed emotions when they first meet me, and those emotions range from “Gosh am I happy to meet you” to “Oh my Gosh, now that I have met you, I actually have to do this!”

Let me just tell you, I understand completely. I especially understand the fears of the Baby Boomer generation, as they have been doing just fine without it, but are being almost forced to participate to stay alive in their business. The learning curve can be rather steep, and there can be so many moving parts that it’s impossible to know where to start.

The good news is, studies show that the Boomers are starting to catch onto social media as far as their personal interests go. More and more are exploring Facebook and LinkedIn as a way to make personal connections. This article I came across has some interesting fact and statistics…Boomers Zero in on Social Networks Article.

I enjoy helping the Boomers with social media. Once they understand it’s value and how it can work for their business, the rewards for their business are numerous. I teach them that taking small steps with social media are always more effective than trying to get involved with everything all at once. Learning how to blog first, or how to set up a LinkedIn Profile is always a great start. Once things start to get rolling, we can introduce new platforms and other networks according to their social media strategy. By that time, our baby steps have quickly turned into walking!

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