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Cynthia Cavoto is President of Marketing That Works for You, a business that specializes in teaching small businesses how to get involved in Social Media.  In addition she provides the aspects of a small agency;  providing everything from business coaching to specific target market research in your industry.

My mission is to guide you on the path to freedom in business and in life by leveraging the power of social media. My number one goal is to make social media marketing accessible to all small businesses no matter what their specific goals and needs.

Maybe you are just starting a new online business. Or maybe you have an existing business but need support figuring out how to monetize all these new media tools (blogs, RSS, social networks, bookmarking, micro-blogging, video, etc). I can help.

Cynthia also was a contributor in a recent release of a marketing handbook called, “Affordable Marketing Solutions”, written by Randye Spina.



Cynthia Cavoto has been in marketing for several years, spending the last in social media marketing. Cynthia speaks, blogs, and writes articles.

Prior to these roles in the media, Cynthia has years of experience in computer technology, which includes programming and operations.

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Cynthia speaks on topics in social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  In addition, she conducts seminars to educate small businesses on the benefits of using social media.  

Disclosures and Relationships

  • I am an affiliate for Brian Tracy
  • I am an affiliate for OneCoach
  • I am an affiliate for GizaPage
  • I am an affiliate for CarbonCopyPro

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