2011 February | Cynthia Markets for Today

Last week, my computer was running slowly and I was having trouble with my Outlook. Immediately, I emailed my computer software support company, Fast-teks, and explained my problem. Within hours, they responded with an email telling me that one of the technicians would be in touch with me by the end of the day to schedule a remote checkup […]

While having coffee together, a friend of mine, Yvor Fernandez, mentioned that lots of blogs are converting over to WordPress, an independently-hosted WordPress installation. So, what’s so great about WordPress? Why bother converting over from the blog you already have? Here is list of why WordPress has the edge, and why personally, I love it! […]

Business Cards. We all have them. Of course we give them out at networking events, when we meet a new prospect or client, or at trade shows. Besides that, what do you do with yours? Something that I do with mine I think you will really benefit from. Whenever I give out my business card, […]

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