2009 June | Cynthia Markets for Today

More than one-half (53%) of the US female Internet population of 79 million actively participated in some type of social media at least weekly. Is it any wonder?  Are you surprised?  Women are the leaders in social media.   Women who read, write and participate in blogs are so excited about this form of media that […]

I recently visited one of my favorite restaurants.   It so happens that the manager is an acquaintence of mine so we started chatting for a few minutes.   I told her that I was thinking about how to reach out to restaurants such as hers to consider developing a marketing campaign in these tough economic times.  She […]

Something that I find amazing when I intitially meet with some of my clients is this:  they seem unfamilar with who their competition is.  Knowing who your compeition is and what they’re doing is an important part of your marketing plan.  How can you stay ahead of them without this crucial  information? Collecting information about […]

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